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"One day you're here and the next day you're strong!"

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Fat Burners

Fat Burners vary. 
There are the  Ephedra based fat burners, non ephedra, non stimulant as a whole, thyroid support products, fat & carb blockers, and night time thermogenics that boost metabolism while you sleep.
So choose the Category thats right for you:
Ephedra Based Fat Burners:

 Tokkyo Nutrition

Clenbuterol OTC 60 ct

w/ 50 mg ephedra

Tokkyo Nutrition

Black Diamonds 90 ct

w/ 25 mg ephedra

DNA Clenbuterine

100 ct w/ 10mg


Black China Labs

EPH Hardcore

w/ 10 mg ephedra

Sports One

Real Deal ECA Stack

120 ct w / 50 mg eph

Sports One

Jacked UP 100 ct

w/ 25 mg ephedra 

 GAT Asia Black

100 ct

w/ 25 mg ephedra

 GAT Methyldrene

100 ct

w/ 25 mg ehedra

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

Stimerex-ES 90 ct

w/ 25 mg ephedra

Hi Tech Pharma

Lipodrene 100 ct

w/ 25 mg ephedra 


ECA Xtreme 90 ct

w/ 25 mg ephedra


Megadrine RFA-1

120 ct w/ 10 mg


compare to old

Xenadrine RFA-1 


Hydroxyslim 120 ct w/

20 mg ephedra


Compare to old

Hydroxycut formula

NICWL Metabodrene

90 ct w/ 10 mg eph


compare to old

Metabolife 356 

Fast Action

Zenalean Pro

120 ct 

w/ 10 mg 

Pharma Resources

Phenterdrene P57

60 ct

w/ 25 mg ephedra 

.............more items added regularly......  Geared Up Ephedra Lean added.
Non Ephedra Based / but with stimulants:
Stimulant Free thermogenic
Thyroid support:
Fat / Carb Blockers:
Nightime fat loss: